Seize this Moment Campaign

With the success of the New Day Campaign, enrollment of the Sacred Heart School has increased by over 132 students since 2013 with continued growth projected.  To accommodate this increase and to allow for double-sections of each grade level, Sacred Heart School initiated the construction of a seven (7) classroom addition in late May 2018 as a part of the Seize this Moment campaign.  Completion of the new building addition, dedicated to the Sisters of Mount Saint Benedict to honor their role in the success for the school, was done in time for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

The Seize this Moment Campaign is divided into four areas. 

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To get a better understanding of the Seize this Moment Campaign and the funds the Foundation plans to create and/or support please view the campaign brochure HERE.

1) People & Programs – People and Programs goal is $2 million and helps Sacred Heart invest in its future.

2) Scholarships & Endowments – The goal for this campaign is $1.5 Million to create additional endowed funds. Only earnings from these funds are used to help support Sacred Heart students wishing to enroll. These are often established by families in recognition or memory of a parent or loved one. You can either donate towards an already established scholarship or create a new one!

3) Building Maintenance Fund – The Building Maintenance Fund’s goal is $500,000 and helps Sacred Heart invest in its future. The buildings, grounds and infrastructure of the Sacred Heart campus are large, complex, and interrelated. We need your help in this regard and pray that you might consider a contribution to this effort.

4) Playground Fund – The Class of 1969 has created a Matching Gift Fund allowing alumni, parishioners and friends to match contributions (up to $115,000) for the cost of the Sacred Heart Playground. All donations will be matched until the total amount of $230,000 is reached.

The students, both current and future, of Sacred Heart School need your support! Please consider being a part of this historic campaign!

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