Thank you from the Sacred Heart Foundation!

Below are Donor rolls from our most recent campaign during Giving Hearts Day and a donor thank you for those that gave to the Foundation’s Scholarships or Endowments during 2016.

The Sacred Heart Foundation expanded fundraising efforts by participating in Giving Hearts Day held on February 9, 2017.

Giving Hearts Day is a one-day online charitable fundraising event where gifts are matched to double donation amounts. The program’s purpose was to provide an opportunity for current donors to make a greater impact and encourage others to support the students of Sacred Heart School.

Our initial goal was to raise $10,000.When the day ended, the Sacred Heart Foundation raised $21,619 from 121 individual donors. We doubled our expectations – Thank You!!

Dwaine & Judy Adolphson
Carl & Ann Adolphson
Jeffrey & Lori Anderson
David Beauchamp
Glenn & Sandra Bethke
Jean Brannigan
Samantha Brekke
Steve & Desilee Brekke
Mark & Kathy Brickson
Benjamin Brickson
John & Margaret Brossart
Julie Bushaw
Dennis & Nancy Bushy
Terri Clark
Michael & Bev Collings
Leon & Jane Comeau
John Cowger
Jacqueline Gaddie & Craig Pietruszewski
Richard & Mary Curtis
Bernie & Amy Dallum
Mike & Mary Ann Delisle
Dennis and Linda DeMers
Jim & Linda DeMers
Marc & Veronica DeMers
Jo Beth Dempsey
Mike & Janina Dempsey
Brad & Lisa Durick
Matthew & Sarah Effhauser
Darren & Monica Evavold
Follman Family
Mona Feist
John & Shanna Field
Mike & Karen Frisch
Lyle & Kim Gapp
Renee Genereux
Kellie Geres
Tim Goetz
Gary & Darlene Goetz
Douglas & Jill Gregoire
Paul & Patricia Gust
Rodney Halstenson
Marydale and Jim Hansen
Richard & Deborah Heitman
Ben & Betsey Horken
Robert & Margaret Horken
John & Jackie Jeffrey
Shelley & Tom Johnson
Christina & Chad Johnson
Veronica Kane
Jeanette & Don Kohns
Dan & Jennifer Koller
Mark & Mary Koponen
Mark & Julie Krejci
Ronald LaMoine
Van & Diane Larson
Faye & Rich Lehn
Steven & Jennifer LeMire
Chad & Julie Lindgren
Rick & Karen Ludtke
Dennis Marek
Mike & Julie Marek
Joe and Jennifer Martin
James & Elaine Mason
Dave & Kathy McFarlane
Larry & Dianne McMenamy
Dan & Jennifer Messelt
Gerard & Cindy Neil
Paul & Barb Nistler
Theresa Norton
Wayne & Joan Novak
Todd & Cindy O’Connell
Romuald Ogaard
Duane & Eleanor Ogaard
Roger & Denise Oppegaard
Ron & Virginia Osowski
Daniel & Colleen Ovnan
Silas & Melissa Pera
Fr. Neil Pfeifer
Duane & Kay Preston
Harold & Lori Reimer
William & Judi Roberts
Corey & Pauline Rohrich
Maria Romero-Go
Courtney Scheving
Rocky & Debi Scheving
Tom & Michelle Senger
Tim & Darlene Shea
Marc & Molly Soeby
Deane & Colleen Stinar
Ray & Joyce Stocker
Robert & Marjorie Stocker
Rudolph & Katherine Suda
Mare Thompson
Grant & Natasha Tomkinson
Phillip & Susan Vanyo
Len & Gayle Vonasek
Ronald & Kathleen Wavra
Michael Wavra
Greg & Gay Webster
Molly Williams
Joanne Wilson
Dan & Dana Yanish
Peter & Pam Zavoral
Joseph & Jenna Zavoral
Dave & Kari Zavoral
Daniel & Jodi Zavoral
Dawn Ziegelmann
Randy & Lori Zimprich

Thank you to those that have made a contribution to the Sacred Heart Foundation between January 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2016. Your gift continues to change and shape lives!
Annual Drive donations will be printed as part of the Development Annual Drive brochure.

Affinity Plus
Alison Duell
American Endowment Foundation
Anita Carl
Aron B. Anderson
Arthur and Frances Hebert
Arthur and Maria Miles
Barb & Al Langer
Ben and Betsey Horken
Ben and Janelle Gergen
Bernard & Patricia Bromenschenkel
Beth and Brad Seeba
Beth Fedje
Betty Cariveau
Bev LeTexier
Bill and Sharon Kotrba
Bishop Victor H. Balke (Emeritus)
Bonnie and Mark Dragich
Bradley Dorsher
Brian and Mary McMahon
Bruce and Cindy Driscoll
Bud & Ralph’s Appliance Service
C & H Insurance
Carl and Anne Adolphson
Carol and Mike Sweeney
Carol Bushy
Carolyn and Jerry Stadstad
Caryl Mack
Catherine Ryan
Cathy Westby
Cecilia Kryzsko
Chad and Julie Lindgren
Chad and Kerri Erickson
Chad and Nikki Anvinson
Chad and Raeann Beauchamp
Charles and Jean Hughes
Charles and Jennifer Backes
Charles and Lotus Scheving
Charles and Mary Gust
Charles Carlson
Charlow Bakken
Cheryl Fairchild
Cheryle Bergland
Clarence and Sally Wincentsen
Cleo Zeller
Clyde and June Ziegelmann
Colleen Hoff
Colleen Mongoven
Community Foundation
Connie Schroeder
Connie Wylot
Cory and Nicole Chupka
Craig and Shari Johnson
Craig Berntsen
Craig Pietruszewski & Jacqueline Gaddie
Cynthia and Joe Mulcahy
Cynthia and Roy Milligan
Dale and Becky Hebert
Dale and Gayle Gulbranson
Dale and Judith Neppel
Dale and Marie Brooks
Dale and Sonja Thimjon
Dan and Donna Driscoll
Dan and Irene Rolczynski
Dan and Jennifer Messelt
Dan and Jodi Zavoral
Dan and Judy Clement
Daniel and Debra Hammond
Daniel and Denise Cariveau
Daniel and Faith Meurrens
Daniel and Gwen Cwikla
Darla and Chris Twomey
Darrell and Geraldine Cariveau
Dave and Kathy McFarlane
David and Amy Christianson
David and Bonnie Andrys
David and Jean Pelarski
David Kohns
Debra Lea Nelson
Delories Deitz
Denis and Diane Pagnac
Dennis and Jayne Flaagan
Dennis and Linda DeMers
Dennis Kotrba
Dewyne Stucynski
Don and Diane Blue
Don and Geraldine Hodge
Don and Jeanette Kohns
Donald and Delores Kovar
Donald and Margaret Hoeger
Donald R. Dudgeon
Doris Keller
Dorothy and Ted Schable
Dot Burckhard
Doug and Elaine Blackmun
Douglas and Cathy Driscoll
Douglas and Kathleen Twite
Dr. Joffrey and Maria Thompson
Duane and Anna Mae Jeffrey
Duane and Brenda Kovar
Duane and Kay Preston
Duc and Chau Tran
Edna Gaddie
Edward Jones
Elaine and James Mason
Elaine Modeen
Eleanor and Duane Ogaard
Elizabeth Spitsberg
Elsie Marek
Ervin and Dianne Lindgren
Eugene and Raanne Wavra
Florence Riske
Fr. Adam Hamness
Fr. Timothy Bushy
Fr. Xavier Ilango
Francis and Emily Rapacz
Frandsen Bank & Trust
Fred and Jeanne Adams
Fred Pribula
Gary and Laurie Coauette
Gary and Linda Boushey
Gary and Linda Ottoboni
Gary and Sheryl Cariveau
Gary and Stephanie Larson
Gary, Jr. and Brigid Cariveau
Gene and Linda Skarsten
George and Marion Vasek
George and Mary Kremer Foundation
Georgia and Kent Gregoire
Gerald and Joan Mireault
Gerald J. Dorsher
Gerard and Cindi Neil
Glenn and Bridgie Hansen
Gordon and Sheila Swanberg
Grant and Natasha Tomkinson
Greg and Andrea Stennes
Greg and Judy Peterson
Greg and Loretta Rockstad
Gregory and Kim Kaiser
Gregory and Stella Jeffrey
Gregory J Norman Funeral Chapel
Harold and Lori Reimer
Helen Flom
Ione V Beauchamp
Irene and Gus Knott
Jack and Cathy Robertson
Jack and Jacqueline Knopp
Jack and Pam Riopelle
Jake Jeffrey
James and Barbara Vigen
James and Lori Bushaw
James and Madonna Mireault
James and Marlene Cariveau
James and Mary Mochoruk
James and Rita LaMoine
James B Ketring
James King
Jane and Harry Kram
Jason and Kristie Mack
Jay and Jennifer Neppel
Jay and Renee Cariveau
Jay and Terri Jones
Jay Chwialkowski
Jean Fallon
Jean Wald
Jeanie and Thomas Clement
Jeanne Fitchorn
Jeff and Carmel Zimmer
Jeff and Lori Westrem
Jeffrey and Carol Bellmore
Jeffrey and Kimberly Vigen
Jerome and Margaret Hebert
Jerry and Patrice Pribula
Joanne Quiner
Joe & Jennifer Martin
Joel and Heather Downs
John and Agnes Cook
John and Alice Runa
John and Dawn King
John and Dorene Schumer
John and Jaclyn Jeffrey
John and Kathie Peterson
John and Margi Zavoral
John and Paula Zeck
John and Ruth Powell
John and Shanna Field
John Cowger
Joni Benson & Shawn McMahon
Jose and Gerarda Chapa
Joseph and Jenna Zavoral
Joyce Barrett
Judy Gramer
Julian J. Gasperlin
Julie and Tony Espeseth
Julie Scheving
Julie Yoney
Karen and Jack Atkinson
Karen Corbid
Karla Anderson
Kay J Hertweck
Keith and Anne Ostlund
Keith and Delores Anderson
Keith Driscoll Farms, Inc.
Keith E. Driscoll
Kelly and Agustin Dean
Ken and Delores Wolff
Ken Kluzak
Kenneth and Cherly Coauette
Kent and Holly Wavra
Kevin and Jeanette Pierce
Kim Snyder
Larry and Dianne McMenamy
Larry and Jeanne Tack
Laura and Pat Brickson
LaVonne Morrison
Lawrence Helt
Lawrence LaBine
Lee and Connie Becker
Leonard and Gayle Vonasek
Leonard D. Gust
Lily Dubuque
Loretta and Dan Wentz
Loretta Rockstad
Lori Pesch
Lori Reesor & John Miller
Loria Kelly
Margaret and Robert McCalip
Margaret Myrick
Mari Anderson
Marian Olson
Marie Barrett
Marie Wallace
Marilyn Chruszch
Marilyn Egeland
Marilyn Wald
Marilynn M Ogden PC
Mark and Julie Krejci
Mark and Kathleen Brickson
Mark and Mary Koponen
Mark and Nancy Knox
Mark and Ruth LeTexier
Mark and Teresa Klinkhammer
Mark G. Dudgeon
Marvin and Lynnett Hedlund
Mary and David Anderson
Mary and Jon Halverson
Mary and Vincent Thoma
Mary Ann and Mark Weber
Mary Boushee
Mary Jo and Gregory Downs
Mary Kim Grignon
Mary Lou Fontaine
Mary Pat & Hank Larivee-Stinnett
Maryrose Johnson
Matthew and Christa Lembke
Matthew and Kelly Meyer
Matthew and Sarah Effhauser
Maureen Sweet
Maynard Gulbranson
Meadows Condominiums of Moorhead
Melvin and Doreen Schaefer
Merle Carter
Merlin Carter
Merton and Carolyn Helgeson
Michael & Candace Von Rueden
Michael and Carrie Zavoral
Michael and Darlene Fitzpatrick
Michael and Denise Effhauser
Michael and Harriet Powers
Michael and Janina Dempsey
Michael and Julie Marek
Michael and Kathleen Gaddie
Michael and Kathleen Monley
Michael and Maureen Novak
Michael and Nancy Thompson
Michael and Nicole Kolstoe
Michael and Rebecca Brundin
Michael and Wendy O’Leary
Michael Dorsher
Michael O’leary Farms
Michael Wavra
Michele and Warren Volker
Mike and Karlene Dieken
Mike Krejci
Minneapolis Foundation
Mona Feist
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gagner
Mrs. Deborah Steinbar and Dr. William Petersen
Ms. Beverly J. Johnson
Ms. June Gust
Msgr. Michael H. Foltz
Msgr. Timothy H. McGee
Nancy J. Joergenson
Nichole and Jonathon Vonesh
Norval and Ruth Meagher
Omer L. Sundberg
Opticare – Forks Vision Clinic
P.J and Rosemary Schiller
Patricia and Greg Reese
Patrick and Ann Zavoral
Patrick J. King
Patty Stordahl
Paul and Barbara Driscoll
Paul and Melinda Novacek
Paul and Patricia Gust
Paul and Suzanne Bethke
Paulette Hogan
Perry and Kristie Wolff
Peter and Pam Zavoral
Phillip and Susan Vanyo
Proseed, Inc.
R and A Hebert
Rachelle Angela Haga
Randall and Tamijo Lieberg
Randy and Brenda Enright
Randy and Joy Schoenborn
Ray and Lynn Olson
Raymond & Joyce Stocker
Raymond B. & Jodi Schumacher
Regina Wald
Richard A. Nelson
Richard and Darlene Noyes
Richard and Elaine Werness
Richard and Marilyn Skavlem
Robert and Amy Siesennop
Robert and Cynthia Hencley
Robert and DeAnn Zavoral
Robert and Dorothy Jerik
Robert and Laurie Jung
Robert and Lois Helland
Robert and Lynn Grahn
Robert and Margaret Horken
Robert and Marjorie Stocker
Robert and Roberta Beauchamp
Robert and Roylene Hebert
Robert Harvey
Roger and Jamie Voeller
Roger and Joanne Korsmoe
Roman and Pauline Demarais
Ron and Elizabeth Kathman
Ron and Lynn Mack
Ron and Patricia Novacek
Ronald and Arlene Myers
Ronald and Kathy Wavra
Ronald and Mary Kulas
Rose Ann Driscoll
Ruth McMahon
Ruth Neron-Heipley
Ryan and Mary Johnson
Sandra and Kevin Hays
Scott and Janet Stocker
Scott and Joan Enright
Shannon and Tricia Sersland
Sherry Meixner
Shirley and Patrick Balbi
Shirley and Robert Filson
Sr. Marguerite Streifel
Steve and Becky Westereng
Steve and Evelyn Kroke
Steven and Laura Ann Tesori
Susanne Budge
T and L Erickson
Tammy Tollefson
Terrance and Donna Greenwood
Terry and Kathleen Hecht
Terry Thompson
Thomas and Anita Ask
Tom and Michelle Senger
Thomas and Shelley Johnson
Thompsons USA Limited
Tim and Sue Johnson
Timothy and Alice Gust
Timothy and Beth McMahon
Timothy Gagnon
Tom and Ann Walski
Tom and Judy Stennes
Tony and Jeanette Filipi
Troy & Sandra Stengl
Veronica Kane
Vineland-Huntsville Mutual Insurance
Virginia and Ronald Osowski
Wald Brothers
Wanda Sandbeck
Wayne Pietruszewski and Stacey Loeslie
Willaim and Darlene Rengstorf
William and Judi Roberts
William and Stacey Larson
Willis and Joyce Johnson

For questions on the 2016 annual Foundation giving report please contact the Foundation
at 218-773-0877.


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