Thank you to our 2018 Giving Hearts Day donors

The Sacred Heart Foundation expanded fundraising efforts by participating in Giving Hearts Day held on February 8th, 2018.

Giving Hearts Day is a one day online charitable fundraising event where gifts are matched to double donation amounts. The program’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for current donors to make a greater impact and encourage others to support the students of Sacred Heart School.

Our initial goal was to raise $25,000. When the day ended, the Sacred Heart Foundation raised $26,052 from 105 individual donors and a generous $10,000 matching gift. Thank You to our donors who helped increase this fundraiser by 17% this year!

Carl & Anne Adolphson
Judy & Dwaine Adolphson
Mary & David Anderson
Bishop Victor Balke
Robert & Roberta Beauchamp
Fr. Gerard Braun
Steve & Desilee Brekke
Samantha Brekke
Ben Horken
Kathy & Mark Brickson
Christopher Broz
Lori & James Bushaw
Robert`& Patricia Cadreau
Paul and Terri Clark
Leon and Jane Comeau
John Cowger
Mary & Richard Curtis
Mike & Mary Ann DeLisle
Dennis and Linda DeMers
Jim & Linda DeMers
Jo Beth Dempsey
Janina & Michael Dempsey
Christine & Joe Dewey
Matthew & Sarah Effhauser
Monica & Darren Evavold
Mona Feist
Jacqueline Gaddie & Craig Pietruszewski
Lyle and Kim Gapp
Kellie Geres
Benjamin & Janelle Gergen
Tonya Gerszewski
Becky & Ken Greer
Douglas & Jill Gregoire
Darrin Griggs
Gayle & Dale Gulbranson
Mary & Charles Gust
Paul & Patricia Gust
Kay Hager
MaryDale and Jim Hansen
Shaun & Kristen Havis
Robert & Margaret Horken
Ben & Betsey Horken
John & Jackie Jeffrey
Robert & Dorothy Jerik
Christina & Chad Johnson
Veronica Kane
David & Bonnie Kamierzak
Dana & Brendan Kennelly
Don & Jeanette Kohns
Mark & Mary Koponen
Carol & Joe Kotrba
Lynn & Jason Kotrba
Mark & Julie Krejci
Dave and Pam Kvidt
Ronald LaMoine
Al and Barb Langer
Faye & Rich Lehn
Chad & Julie Lindgren
Barb Ljungren
Mike & Julie Marek
Dennis & Marie Marek
Joseph & Jennifer Martin
Gerard & Cindi Neil
Wayne & Joan Novak
Romuald Ogaard
Pamela & James Peterson
Fr. Neil Pfeifer
BeckyJo & Lonnie Punton
Harold and Lori Reimer
William & Judi Roberts
Maria Romero-Go
Courtney Scheving
Rocky & Debi Scheving
Randy & Joy Schoenborn
Tim & Carrie Shea
Kathleen & Doug Skipper
Michele Sorenson Gerloff
Dianne Stam-Stangl & Dennis Stangl
Rudolph & Katherine Suda
Phillip & Sue Vanyo
Brian and Kelly Wavra
Michael Wavra
Gay & Greg Webster
Brad & Heather Werner
Molly Williams
SH Women’s Ministry
Dan and Jodi Zavoral
Peter & Pam Zavoral
Dave & Kari Zavoral
Lori & Randy Zimprich

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